Nashville, Tenn., May 6, 2016 – Singer/songwriter Paul Bogart will world-premiere his latest video single “Grow” exclusively on Country Rebel Clothing Co and Paul Bogart Facebook pages today. The video, produced by Dale Libby ( Turn By Turn – ACG) and Deb Haus (The Consulting Haus) and directed by Deb Haus, was filmed in Burns, Tenn.

“I came up with the idea for this song shortly after my wife, Tanya, and I found out she was pregnant,” said Bogart. “It’s not necessarily a ‘baby song’ or a lullaby, but melodically I think the baby likes it. It’s a song about life.”

“Grow” was produced by Trent Willmon and written by Paul and Bill Whyte (a member of the Country Radio Hall of Fame). Deb Haus and Paul’s idea for the video concept was inspired by the lyrics and by the birth of Paul and Tanya’s first child, Jett.

“I combined real personal images from Bogart with time-lapse videography and poetic slow-motion footage,” Haus said. “The new footage, incorporating beautiful spring greenery was shot recently near Burns.”

The new song tugs at the same heartstrings as Bogart’s song “Cowboy Ride,” which reached an astounding 3.6 million online fans and millions more on television in just the past six months. That song was a tribute to lost arena legends and everyday men and women who define the contemporary real-world cowboy spirit. The video stole the hearts of fans as it brought back memories of fallen cowboy heroes and captured the true essence of living like a cowboy.