Oklahoma born singer-songwriter, Paul Bogart has been described as a young singer with an old soul. Sincere and down-to-earth, Bogart captures the time-honored traditions of country music. His music features elements reminiscent of Brad Paisley’s quip-y, good-natured tunes, and mixed with the cowboy appeal reminiscent of George Strait. Bogart comes by the cowboy appeal honestly, being no stranger to the horse industry with several AQHA championships to his name. Paul started competing in the American Quarter Horse Association at the age of 12, and continues to be a part of the Association today. He credits the organization, along with rodeo scholarships, as the driving force that got him through college. Bogart had several World Championship titles under his belt by his early twenties, quite an impression feat if you ask me.

Bogart’s passion for music also grew during his twenties. His career in music begins with what seems more like a Nashville fairytale, yet proves that dreams really do come true. During his junior year at Rogers State University, he contacted a local school to see if they needed anyone to play for a fundraiser. The event planner accepted, and homemade makeshift flyers were posted everywhere around town. A few days later, Bogart received a phone call at his parent’s house that threw him for a loop. A man working for Garth Brooks at the time was on the other end of the phone wanting to set up a meeting with Paul and Garth. Evidently Brooks had somehow got a hold of Paul’s college demo tape. Brooks ended up playing a huge role in Bogart’s career, urging him to move to Nashville and make a go of it. Fast-forward to now, and you’ll find Bogart working hard in the music industry as a singer and songwriter.

Being a true cowboy himself, it’s no surprise that Bogart chose to pay tribute to the men who have best defined the contemporary real-world cowboy lifestyle with his latest music video for his song, “Cowboy Ride”. Bogart describes the video as “ultimately a tribute video to all of those who have inspired the younger cowboy generation”. “Cowboy Ride” is a sweet and simple video featuring black and white footage of Bogart performing the song in between a montage of photos of professional rodeo men and women, backed by a beautiful fiddle and guitar driven song. The video includes many legendary cowboys and cowgirls, including Jim Shoulders, Doug and Nancy Dear, Freckles Brown, Jerry Wells, Gus Webb, Jack Kyle, Loyd Jinkins, Bill Buschom, and Huddy Hudspeth. “Cowboy Ride” also features one of the most well-known rodeo men Chris Ledoux. You’ll be able to recall many a country song that name-drops this cowboy, including several Garth Brooks songs. Ledoux was also a country singer in his own right, with my favorite song of his being “This Cowboy’s Hat”.

It truly is a beautiful video, one that was well thought out and planned. It’s really cool to see all the photos of legendary cowboys throughout the years. Check it out